Tony Reyes

UX Designer - Digital Strategist - Problem Solver

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About Me

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Creating online experiences with the user in mind.

I use my passion to create, innovate and explore all things digital to empower communication and connection between people, communities, and businesses around the world.




As I grow in my career as an UX designer, I search out and redisign websites that can benefit from a little UX T.L.C.

Learn about my process through the projects I created below.

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reservation app example

Restaurant Reservation App

Smartphone app design that provides a better and easier experience finding a restaurant and making a reservation.

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(Digital Problem Solver)

I create high-quality websites and develop digital brands for entrepreneurs and small business owners who understand that having an online prescence focused on user is key to business growth.

Take a look at the following websites I created for various clients.

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website created for health clinic Back To Total Health

Back To Total Health

This client wanted a site that was basic, yet professional and could clearly display their staff and services.

website created for Chinese dance company Maggie's Dance Studio

Maggie's Dance and Art Academy

This is the first bilingual and international website that I developed. The problem with bilingual websites is that you are doing twice the amount of work that you would have to do on an English only site.

Luckily, I speak Chinese and my client provided me with the necessary content in Mandarin.

website created for Razor Fighting Dynamics

Razor Fighting Dynamics

A colleague and I created an online online magazine for martial arts novice.

The goal was to develop a responsive website that was accesible to and focused on the reader.

website created for Black Life China

Black Life China

This site was created to provide users with simple and direct access to resources regarding black American experiences in China.

Instead of relying on text-laden content, I wanted to create audio and visual content easily consumed by users.

website created for Diversity Network

Diversity Network

My team and I designed another website for Diversity Abroad called the Diversity Network. The goal was to create a membership website focused on international education professionals.

This website was more traditional in its design to communicate a type of academic professionalism associated with the higher education industry.

website created for Diversity Abroad

Diversity Abroad

As the Marketing Manager at Diversity Abroad, I lead a team to design a resource focused website targeted to the international education and study abroad community.

The goal was include a modern design that was youthful and fresh.

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I would love to talk to you about your project and how I can help you reach your goals.