I had a discussion with a friend today who wants to become a character writer for video games. However, he feels that he should wait until he until he attends college and get a degree before he pursues his career goals.

We all have fallen for the false notion that we must have an education before pursuing our dreams. However, in many instances, we can move our dreams forward without waiting for the education to provide us with the “necessary” skill needed for our future career.

With the advent of modern technology, we are more able to become who we want to be. Rather than waiting for the “education” to validate our dreams, we now have the resources to attain the knowledge needed to educate ourselves.

In the case of my friend, he doesn’t need to wait to attend college in order to pursue his interest in becoming a writer for video games. He could start today. Today, he could network with people in the field. Today, he could start writing and get his work published online. Today, he could begin to make his dreams come true.

Yet, he waits. We all wait. Why? We believe we are not capable or qualified to be who we want to be. We fear that we do not have the skills needed to successfully function at the level that we aspire to attain. So we wait. Waiting will not bring us what we want. No one is coming to save us. We must act! We must act now!

Yes, you will initially fail in the beginning. However, as you persist, you will develop the dexterity and acumen needed to perform at the level of your aspired self. While my friend fears that he is an inadequate writer and must be “qualified” to write before he gets started, the opposite is true. The more he writes, the better he will become, and the closer he will come to his dreams.

We must all learn not to worry about what we can’t do, but concentrate on what we can do! We could all do better to follow this advice.

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